Oatly is one of Sweden’s largest beverage brands producing 100% vegan oat-based products. Oatly wants people to eat better and live healthier lives without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process. Its mission is to create sustainable, plant based, healthy and relevant foods that make change easy and attractive to people. 


Suicide Zero

Suicide Zero is a non profit organization with a goal of reducing suicides in Sweden. Every year, around 1 600 people commit suicide in Sweden and Suicide Zero wants to radically reduce this number by raising the question, identify societal shortcomings and spread knowledge about suicide and physical health.


Saltå Kvarn

Saltå Kvarn is a Swedish organic food company based on a holistic view on humans, nature and culture. This means good and nutritious food grown in harmony with nature and nurturing long-term relationships with fair conditions for everyone who works with the company. Saltå Kvarn believes that human health cannot be separated from the health of the planet and ecosystems – healthy soils provide healthy crops that promote human and animal health.



Picadeli is a Swedish food tech pioneer with a disruptive agenda for healthy fast food, offering tasty, fresh, climatarian food at great value. Today, their salad bars, are found in locations all over the world. Sprung from the lack of options when eating on the go, Picadeli is merging food tech with a mission to democratize access to fresh food, all the while challenging the very notion of what fast food should be.



Lernia is one of Sweden’s biggest education and staffing companies, working particularly within the industrial sector. They educate 35.000 people each year, amongst other through Swedish for Immigrants (SFI). Lernia also hires almost 4.500 people every year, many of which have a foreign background. It gives them a unique position on the Swedish labour market in terms of recruitment, education and staffing that lead to integration and diversity. 


Sparbanken Syd

Sparbanken Syd is an independent bank located in the south of Sweden with a strong focus on sustainability. The bank has no share holders, instead they re-invest their financial surplus in the local community.



Läkarmissionen is a Swedish aid organisation, active in more than 40 countries on four continents. The organisation is based in Sweden and legally set up as a foundation, with international aid as the primary purpose. All of Läkarmissionen’s aid and development efforts are carried out by local partners, or international organisations with a local presence.


Indy Beauty

Indy Beauty is a 100 % vegan friendly beauty brand owned by Sweden’s most popular Youtuber Therése Lindgren. Indy Beauty offers affordable, efficient and locally produced skincare products witch can be found at pharmacies around the country.

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